Roo Proctor doberman dog portrait montage 3 images full length sitting head shot carrying tennis ballSally Widdowson Photography

Pet Photoshoot, Doncaster: Roo

I spent a happy few hours with 8 month old Roo the other week. She was such a happy, bouncy puppy and she gave me some great opportunities to practice my action shots! Owners Bex and Kieran had become frustrated at their attempts to get detailed photos of Roo – it can be tricky to get eyes and facial features to stand out in pictures of pets with black or dark coloured fur using point-and-shoot cameras. Now they have some snaps of Roo to treasure, and hopefully they’ve captured her fun-loving and friendly personality as well as all those important doggy details. Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot. For more of Roo see my portfolio here.

Montage 1

sequence 5


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